6 things I’m jealous from other mums

Yes, that’s right. I admit it with all letters, I’m jealous!

#1 – Mums that can change nappies as soon as the “mustard” comes
Most of the times, she has a mustard drop (yes, it does look like mustard both consistency and colour, at least while the solids don’t kick in) after a feed. Butttttt, after a feed not only I need to burp her but I need to keep her upright for at least 30m. Then I have a decision to make, either I change her, or she’ll vomit most of the feed. I end up always trying to wait until she cries loads. I even change her nappy at an angle, so she has her head higher than the rest, but still no use.

#2 – Mums that can breastfeed in bed
Ah, those lucky mums that can lie down in bed, side by side with baby and let the baby feeds as he wants while mum relaxes in bed and falls back into sleep. The first is that she can’t co-sleep with me because she needs to sleep at an angle as well, so she sleeps on a “next to me” type bed.

This is the bed I have which I really love, from BabyBay

The mattress has a bamboo cover, so it’s perfect for baby. Unfortunately I seem to enjoy her bed more than she does

The  2nd aspect is that, even if she would feed side by side laying down, I need to keep burp her and keep her upright after the feed. So every time I feed her at night it’s around 50 awake plus the time it takes me to fall asleep again. Zombie mum here

#3 – Mums that have babies that smell baby
My little one smells like Eau du vomit. There’s vomit everywhere all the time. I have to bath her quite often and change her clothes loads of times during the day. After 5m she already smells vomit. Gotta love reflux!

#4 – Mums that can do stuff while baby naps
She doesn’t nap…. she only naps on my arms and then I can’t move. I need to walk her within the house or sit on the yoga ball until eventually she falls asleep, so I can’t do anything. To do basic stuff like go to the loo or have a shower, I have to let her cry which breaks my heart but it’s the only way. As I write this post, she just had diarrhoea so I had to wash her clothing and mine straight away while she was crying a lot because she was sleepy and wanted me.

#5 – Mums that sleep!
This is a killer and I feel I’m subject to war torture. She doesn’t sleep much in a row, not because she’s hungry but because of the reflux. I can only have 1 decent night per week and by decent I mean 4h in a row and wake up twice at night. Most times it’s like she sleeps 2h30, whereas it took me 30m to fall asleep and 2h later I’m up again. After that she might sleep another 2h and from there every 30m and she’s moving and up… During the day I have zero changes of sleeping as per points above. Definitely zombie mum here

Photo from Confessions of a chronic depressive

Photo from Confessions of a chronic depressive


#6 – Mums that can breastfeed in public
At first I was afraid, I was petrified…. (nah not going the song route), but I’ve managed to overcome my shyness and I’ve done it. Trouble is she doesn’t feed enough, even at home each feed is a battle, so I’ve given up on breastfeeding while I’m out. I have to express and then give her by the bottle….

Are you jealous of other Mum’s? Anything you would like to share?


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