Pregnancy Yoga

I wanted to do yoga for a long long time but I’ve never managed to set myself into actually do it. Once I’ve decided I had to start eliminating stress and take better care of the baby in my belly (and myself too) I’ve decided straight away to join Pregnancy Yoga Classes.

Photo from Yoga 4 You

Photo from Yoga 4 You

I have to say I loved them! It was great to take some time out and be able to stretch and learn breathing techniques. I totally recommend it to all mums, seriously. You won’t have that much me time left once baby is born, so make the most of it!

Main benefits for Mum

  • It teaches great breathing techniques which are crucial during labour
  • You’ll meet other mums in your area
  • It’s great for relaxing and learn good postures for labour and also to deal with the pregnancy itself
  • Lots of pelvic floor exercises which will also be key during and post labour
  • Helps to handle the pressure (and pain!) in the hips

Benefits for the baby

  • If mum feels relaxed baby will feel relaxed and nourished as well
  • A smoother labour for mum means it will be easier for baby too

I found a great article that explains the main benefits into more detail here.

Have you done pregnancy yoga? Did you enjoyed it? Tell me your thoughts. Once baby is born don’t forget there is Mum & Baby Yoga too!


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