What to pack in the hospital bag

I have to admit apart from baby’s first clothes and nappies I had no idea what to pack, this was something I had to learn as well. Also it might sound obvious, but you also need to pack something for mum as well!

Also I was expecting that because it’s a hospital bag I would be able to fit everything inside. Nahhh, so I’ve ended up having 2 hospital bags, one for me and another for the baby

For the baby

  • 100% Cotton Comfy pyjamas – yes you will need more than 1 as you’re still learning how to put the nappy or the baby might throw up like my little one did. I had a little bag called “my first clothing” with 2 pjs and a hat

  • Also consider when baby will be born, you might need a jacket to take him out of the hospital. My little one was born in summer so there was no need for lots of clothing
  • Nappies – It’s kinda obvious but yes bring lots of nappies
  • Muslins – I found them really handy to wrap baby and ended up using them almost as bed linen too. I had bamboo muslins which I totally loved. They are perfect to keep the right body temperature and they are really soft and light, so perfect for baby. You could swaddle baby with them. My little one hated being swaddled
Little Bamboo

Little Bamboo

  • 1 portable nappy changer – I found that the hospital didn’t had any, so I was changing her nappies on the bed… needless to say pee went all over the place a few times. I didn’t pack anything but I wish I had
  • Cotton Pads – I find these more efficient than cotton balls. I use Johnsons & Jonnsons ones because they are quite big

  • Waterwipes – I know I’m being very specific here, you can bring any wipes you fancy really, but I love waterwipes because they’re pretty much just water and no chemicals. Yes they are expensive but they are really worth it!

  • Milk – This is a bit controversial but some people pack formula in case baby can’t latch. What I would have done was to bring seringues and use the hospital pump to pump some milk in the scenario where baby wouldn’t latch. My little one was glued to my breasts as she was starving when she was born. If it makes you feel at ease, pack formula even if you end up never using it. Also, if you’ve managed to store some milk before baby was born, bring it with you. This will be quite important if baby needs to go to ICU.

And that’s pretty much it for the baby.

For Mum
Now this is where people tend to pack things they will never use. In my case I can say I haven’t use any food since I’ve ended up in emergency C-section without ever going into natural labour. Most people will pack cereal bars but labour makes you really thirsty so this is what I had packed:

  • Coconut water – as labour makes you sweat loads! You need something you can drink fast and helps with the heat as well
  • Fruits
  • Porridge – because provides a slow release of energy. I had the instant ones where you just need hot water
  • Big bottle of water
  • Cheap knickers- the disposable ones are not very comfortable
  • Maternity pads – believe me you’ll need them
  • Comfy clothing – for labour and when you are at the hospital. I had cotton trousers and t-shirts and a large dress
  • Nursing bras and breast pads
  • Toiletries and a towel – You will need a shower after all the hard work and don’t forget flip flops so you don’t go barefoot into the hospital bathroom
  • Lip balm and hair ties – again handy if you’ll end up in long labour and you’ll feel like you’re in the desert!
  • Hospital notes and plan…. although I would say my plan was really useless
  • Something for you to read – I had my kindle
  • Phone and phone charger
  • Ipod or music on your phone

For dad

  • Ensure dad knows your birth plans and knows how to assemble the car seat
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Lots of snacks as he won’t be getting any food while he’s supporting you and drinks too

The biggest tip I would say is, if you need to stay overnight in the hospital try to get a private room, otherwise your partner won’t be able to stay with you and help you out. My first night in the hospital was horrible because I could barely move, I was thirsty all time and I still had to manage to hold baby. On the 2nd night we went to the private room and at least he could stay with me and help me out a bit. Made tons of difference. You can have a female partner with you, so if you have a family member that can stay with you, that’s great.

It’s always handy to have the hospital bag ready as soon as possible, so in the case you need to run to the hospital everything is ready and you both know what you need to do.


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