How to survive a summer pregnancy

Right, everyone is looking forward for the warmer  summer days. Clothing becomes lighter, the days are longer and normally summer also means holidays.

But last year I found that for the first time in my live I really wished that summer in UK was just one day. Not only it wasn’t, but it was one of the warmer summers I remember and quite a long one as well.

I remember my mum used to say that we should avoid having the last trimester clashing with summer time, and that is because a pregnant lady will be warmer than usual due to the baby being inside. It’s like hitting the menopause a lot easier. Heat becomes a problem, quite a big one. But this is exactly what I had. Since she was born in September, I had my last 3 months on summer and I have to admit I’ve struggled with it big time. I remember once I went to the theater with my girlfriends and I’ve almost passed out in the middle of Soho because it was 30 something degrees in London (yeah unusual I know). Then in the theater as I was in a middle sit I’ve started to boil so badly I could barely breathe and had to leave to a corner so I could have a bit more air.

So how to survive a summer pregnancy?

  • Move to a colder country – Probably not practical for most of us as we won’t be able to travel at that point either
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits and drinks lots of water – Fruit was definitely my savior. I had 9 months sickness and fruit happened to be the only thing I could keep down. Water is really really crucial as you need to keep hydrated  and baby as well. So carry a bottle of water with you at all times and keep on refilling it
  • Light and comfortable dresses – I gave up on more office type dresses and was going to work in white light dresses (with a nice necklace or so), simple because I had to be comfortable and as light as possible
  • Avoid the sun – It might sound obvious but try to stay indoors during the sun peak times. Leave your walks for end of the day or early morning.
  • Get a good fan! – So in UK houses have carpets and windows that might not open fully because summer it’s not supposed to last. I had 35 degrees in my living room and it was quite unbearable. For the first time in this country I had to buy a fan. This year I’ve bought one of those tower fans because it’s important to keep the house at good temperature for baby as well
  • Avoid doing anything that will make you sweat – I mean by this stage you won’t feel like doing much anyway, but find a cool place (if they have air con even better), read a book and try to relax.
  • Find a nice outdoors coffee place in the shade so you can enjoy some fresher air. It’s a good way to pamper yourself as well
  • Nap a lot – it’s a good way to keep temperature down as well
  • Carry a spray bottle so you can refresh yourself on the go

Any other tips? Did you had a summer pregnancy too?


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