Baby personalities

One thing I love about a growing baby is their growing and developing personalities. Little baby Em is for sure a baby that likes to make herself notice. She’s really vocal and loves to touch other babies and adults alike. I can see she’s a bossy one too.

So with this in mind, was checking for the fun, her astrology. She’s a virgo. It’s quite funny that I never really believed in astrology. I’m a scorpio myself, so most people would say really bad things about scorpios. My sister is one as well, and we couldn’t be more far apart.

Here’s what Em’s says:

The bossy streak can shine through in a Virgo child and they love to lead, yet it can irritate siblings and friends at times so you may find yourself frequently reminding them to consider others and hear what others have to say.

She’s still too young, but yeah can see the bossy streak. My closest friends who say that she follows mum’s lead on that one hahahah

However, they like to be little helpers and will often be found at your side when cooking and even be more than happy to help clear up afterwards too! This helpful nature will spill over into school and your little Virgo is likely to be one of the teacher’s favourites. Partly due to their helpful nature but also because Virgos are known to be smart and are often ahead of their years and need constant stimulation.

Hope she’s keen to help. As a child, I wasn’t! The thing about constant stimulation is so true! She’s infinite battery. As I write this post, she woke up at 10h from her nap. It’s almost 14h and you could think she would be sleepy by now…. I’ve tried for almost 1h to put her to sleep and gave up. She’s taking all her toys our of the box

Sleep is for boys

A touch of the OCD’s can be found in Virgo children, you will probably never need to utter those words ‘go and tidy your room!’, well, not to your Virgo child anyway!

Responsibility is a strong trait in Virgos and little ones will often be found taking care of their friends and siblings. Insecurity can also be a trait of a Virgo despite their leadership skills and their feelings can be easily hurt and they need reassurance they are loved.

Oh she is loved for sure and every single day I’m with her I always remind her of that

Qualities: Rational, smart, nit-picky, sensitive, bossy, helpful

Parenting tip: The more praise you give your little Virgo, the more their confidence will grow

To be honest, the parenting tip should be for all babies / kids alike.

How’s your baby personality? Are you finding any traits similar to your own?

The baby start sign info was taken from the bounty website here.


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